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How Does Smoke Damage Impact the Contents of My Business?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Fifty dollar bill burning on both ends Does your business have smoke and soot damage? Call SERVPRO to quickly restore your business.

Fire Damage Leaves Smoke and Soot Inside Your Lower East Side Business – Call SERVPRO for Prompt Restoration! 

A fire of any size can ravage your business space and leave irreversible damage. Flames move quickly from one item to the next, leave a mass of devastation throughout your business in the Lower East Side. The heat coming from these flames radiate, often causing the items around them to warp, crack, shatter, or melt. Once the fire is out, what is left is smoke damage that can start to corrode surfaces without proper restoration efforts, which is where the team at SERVPRO is available to assist with your fire and smoke damage needs. 

How Does Smoke Impact My Business? 

With fire damage in the Lower East Side, your business's contents can take on the soot and smoke particles in the air, and those landed on surfaces. The temperature and the type of fire that took place plays a role in how the smoke impacts the interior. Soot and smoke make its way into crevices and cracks, and the smell can linger for months without the right methods and restoration products. 

When you call us at SERVPRO after the fire's flames get fully extinguished, we send a team out to begin the assessment. After the first responders give us the approval to enter the building, we determine the project's scope and the best way to proceed. We can help with: 

  • Emergency board-up services
  • Removal of water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire
  • Controlled demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Thermal deodorization
  • Complete cleanup and sanitization of all surfaces, and more 

We can also help by removing and securing any contents to be cleaned off-site at our nearby facility. Everything gets carefully logged to have a detailed inventory of any items packed up and moved out. 

SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is quick to respond when you need help with fire damage in your place of business. Call (917) 423-6364 to have a crew deployed to your location to start restoration! 

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A Pipe Broke at the Store Next Door--Who Can Help Me Bail Out My New York City Gift Shop?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO banner hanging from commercial building Commercial Water Extraction in Large NYC Buildings Require Expert Technicians and Equipment--Try SERVPRO

SERVPRO Technicians Are Experienced Commercial Water Detectives, Ready to Find and Arrange for Water Removal Regardless of the Source in New York City

No matter how diligent you are to maintain your retail property in New York City, the proximity of other buildings and units within the same building, unfortunately, can cause your neighbor’s watery misfortune to affect your shop. In a particularly cruel twist, your store might be hit harder with water damage than the space featuring the leaky pipe or malfunctioning appliance depending on where the water flows.

How Can Water Meanderings Be Traced?

Commercial water removal in New York City is made more straightforward when trained technicians employ sensitive tools to locate the water. Finding wet building materials or fixtures in your shop can shock if the “event” that caused the flow was elsewhere. Our technicians trained to use the following devices to outline the extent of the damage and identify building cavities or other spaces where the water collected and needs removal:

  • Moisture detectors -- pronged or flat-faced, used to find wet areas.
  • Moisture meters -- must be appropriately calibrated for the materials tested. Some are “penetrating” and use probes to evaluate moisture levels among several layers. In contrast, non-penetrating meters use sensors that seek to determine how “conductive” materials are (can be a sign of moisture or a false positive when metal interferes).
  • Thermal imaging -- temperature fluctuations interpreted by a trained technician can signal trapped expanses of water.
  • Thermo-hygrometers -- measure temperature and relative humidity, particularly useful during the drying phase.
  • Boroscopes--allow our SERVPRO team to peer inside cavities and nooks and crannies

After Water Migrates, How Does It Make Its Exit?

SERVPRO crews arrive at your door with water removal and drying equipment stocked in our service vehicles. We position pumps for water deeper than two inches and use truck-mounted extractors for the bulk of the remaining water. Portable extractors help in confined spaces and, with the use of extenders and sometimes strategically placed holes or drywall removal, can suction the water lingering in cavities. Air movers and dehumidifiers team together to dry out wet materials.

You need fast water removal and comprehensive structural drying when your business is swimming in unexpected fluids. SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is ready to accomplish both for you with one call to (917) 423-6364.

How Can I Dry My New York City Business Out After Flooding?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

fully stocked isles in a grocery store Don’t force your customers to find a new convenience store. Contact team SERVPRO when facing flooding.

SERVPRO is ready to come to your New York City commercial property and give you the support you need to reopen as quickly as possible

Seeing your New York City business for the first time after flood water entered can feel overwhelming for what to do first. Even though in many cases the water itself recedes within a short time, the smell, the soaked contents, and other issues need fast action. That is why it is crucial to engage professional mitigation services as soon as possible so you can limit loss to the property and contents and reopen for business and get life back to normal.

What Should I Do First in My Business Property After Commercial Flood Damage? 

If commercial flood damage occurred within your New York City business property, the first thing you should do is ensure safety for all and avoid contact with the water. Until SERVPRO techs arrive on-site and test the water, so you know if any harmful bacteria or pathogenic elements are present. Helpful actions before their arrival include: 

  • Have the power to the property turned off if there is any danger of the water coming into contact with outlets on the floor  
  • If it is safe to do so, remove relevant documents 
  • If you have equipment that needs removal, notify the crew chief after the technicians arrive
  • Close off entrances to the loss area

Fast Extraction Tactics Get Your Business Reopened As Fast As Possible

SERVPRO technicians arrive wearing protective gear, including respirators, as the aspiration of water vapor containing contaminants has the potential to be injurious. The techs test any remaining water on-site to determine any harmful elements and scope the property to ascertain all areas of water loss in New York City. The extraction equipment chosen depends on the size of the space they are performing water removal within. For example, portable pumps are ideal for small spaces. When large amounts of debris are also present in the water, truck-mounted pumps pull out thousands of gallons of water in a short time. Frequently, the techs use portable pumps afterward to ensure the maximum amount of water gets removed to lessen the time needed to dry the structure. 

What Makes Flood Water So Different the Water From a Broken Pipe?

Initially, the water that invaded your commercial property may not look or smell harmful, and it picked up everything along the way before it entered your space. It has the potential to contain a myriad of unhealthy elements. This is why coming into contact with it should be avoided unless you have protective clothing, including goggles and respirators with HEPA filtration as some harmful bacteria and pathogens can enter the body via aspiration or mucous membranes.    

Other hazards within flood water are:  

Debris such as sharp rocks, nails, and glass

The danger of shock from standing water within the property

  • Chemicals
  • Toxins  
  • Sewage  

SERVPRO techs run air scrubbers to improve air quality during the mitigation. These machines have a network of HEPA filtration that captures airborne molecules and traps them, improving air quality. 

You Need Professional Drying Equipment for the Best Outcome   

SERVPRO technicians do not rely on large industrial fans to do the drying job. Instead, they deploy multiple air movers along with dehumidifiers. Because of the connection to a national brand, they have the power to bring in as much equipment as needed to dry the entire property at once instead of in stages, which can result in additional loss. 

Professional Odor Control Applications and Sanitizing are a Must After a Commercial Water Loss

The aftermath of a clean water spill within a property has a very recognizable musty odor. Floodwater tends to stink outright, particularly so if sewage was part of the issue. Because of this, more intense methods may get used to ensure that the property is odor-free before any repairs occur to get the business ready to reopen.

Proactive Ways to Limit Commercial Water Loss in the Future

Once you have been through a flood water cleanup, it gives you a good idea of vulnerable areas on your property that need improvement. Your insurance adjuster can work with you to provide you with a monthly inspection list to cover common reasons for flood loss, such as checking the grade of your property to ensure rainwater flows away from the building along with installation or repair to the gutter systems. Looking for signs of interior leakage such as water spots or mold growth can catch a problem early on before it becomes a significant one. The installation of an environmental monitoring system detects both fire and increases in moisture in the air. It can alert you to a water loss situation such as a flash flood or a pipe break during off-hours or weekends.

SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan at (332) 900-2337 brings the equipment and expertise to handle any size commercial flood damage to your property. The certified techs are available 24/7 and arrive quickly to clean up the loss, protect contents, and restore your property and get you back in business as soon as possible.

How Can I Remove Water from Under the Breakroom Sink?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

ceiling has water damage Let SERVPRO mitigate your water damaged building in the Lower East Side.

Our professionals can help Lower East Side offices with fast extraction and drying practices. 

Broken fixtures are not an uncommon scenario to face when you have an active breakroom in your Lower East Side office building. With so many people bustling in and out to use these facilities, considerable wear and tear can happen to the plumbing and faucets. 

When plumbing fixtures break, you could be facing an immediate and pressing need for water removal in your Lower East Side building. With some of the plumbing exposed beneath the sink, water damage can begin here and spread out through cabinets, walls, and more. We utilize many specialty and trusted drying implements to gain control of this situation, including:

Is it Necessary to Remove Damp Cabinets? 

It is assumed that the more controlled demolition must occur, the more costly restoration and recovery efforts become. It is always the objective of our SERVPRO team to restore before replacing, but this might not always be the cheapest solution when particleboard cabinets become saturated. 

No matter what your office breakroom needs to remove water, our SERVPRO of Lower East Side team is standing by to help. Give us a call at (917) 423-6364.

Does My Retail Business Need to Close for Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

Two females in a dress store behind a desk. Let SERVPRO help your Lower East Side business during a water damage.

SERVPRO can remove the water and get your Lower East Side business reopened quickly

The majority of retail businesses in the Lower East Side sell both online and offline; however, a water loss can put the brakes on filling orders, servicing customers, and more. For companies that rely on foot traffic as part of their regular sales with customers, the danger of slip and fall accidents may require closure during the cleaning. Online purchases may get delayed due to the need to move stock or computer equipment out of the loss area. 

How Can Retail Businesses Avoid Commercial Flood Damage?

There are steps to avoid commercial flood damage that Lower East Side property owners can take, but there is no way to prevent it altogether. Actions you can practice to limit the potential include: 

  • Monthly inspections of your structure to look for signs of water intrusion
  • Regular maintenance gets done for weather-stripping and repairs to the roof and other exterior areas
  • Ensure the grade around the property diverts rainwater away from rather than towards the building
  • Seal exterior basement access doors against water intrusion
  • The installation of environmental detection equipment to note when moisture levels in the interior rise work for both flood loss and internal plumbing issues during off-hours

What are the First Things I Should Do After Flood Damage Happens in My Building?

Before SERVPRO arrives, there are numerous actions business owners can perform to limit the loss to their property and contents in the event flood damage happens, only if it safe to do so:

  • Turn off the electricity to the property if there is any danger of the water coming into contact with outlets or electrical equipment
  • A retail store should protect their investments in their stock, move out items in cardboard or paper packaging or made from fabric get priority and should get relocated until mitigation efforts complete
  • Anything using electrical outlets located on the floor should get moved to another area
  • Equipment that has come into contact with the water should have an inspection to ascertain it is safe to operate before reuse, SERVPRO techs can arrange that for you with a certified industry professional

If you have specific items that are of concern, inform the crew chief with SERVPRO on the arrival of vital documents, stock items that require moving, or other issues, and they will get it done for you immediately.

What Does a Professional Restoration Services Company Do to Help Retail Properties with Commercial Water Loss?

There are many differences between consumer-grade equipment and the machinery that SERVPRO technicians bring onto the scene. The extraction equipment is just the beginning. The most common types of water removal equipment that gets used are the fleet of portable pumps that techs use to move swiftly around the property. The pulling power of these devices allows the techs to remove the majority of the moisture and speed the drying process. This method enables stores to reopen faster. 

After flood water enters a property, the interior humidity levels go up substantially. This type of loss can cause a host of issues, particularly on the floor where items are for sale and in the storage area. Depending on the severity of the air moisture levels, SERVPRO techs may move the contents in an organized pack out, or they can protect items by covering them in heavy gauge plastic. 

One of the main issues after a water loss in a structure occurs when inadequate removal of the moisture happens, which can lead to a host of secondary problems to deal with, such as musty odors. This may be due to missing areas of water loss, or the floodwater ran to an area that could not get dried. SERVPRO techs carefully inspect properties with their advanced detection equipment to find the migration path of water, and if it runs behind baseboards or seeps under the floor, they can extract it. 

Actions for Complete Drying of Retail Properties with Flood Loss

After discovering all the areas that retain excessive moisture, the technicians set up drying equipment. Additional procedures to assist with drainage might be drilling weep holes in sheetrock, removal of baseboards, and, when needed, controlled demolition of damaged portions of sheetrock to open the wall cavity for complete drying. Special care may be needed for plastered walls.

Odor Control for Reopening

No one wants to enter a retail store that has a foul odor, and that smell can permeate shelf stock, so odor control is a big part of the restoration process. The technicians have a diverse array of scent neutralizing equipment and choose the application based on the need on each individual job site.

SERVPRO of Lower East Side / Downtown Manhattan at (332) 900-2337 is ready to help retail store properties with commercial flood damage 24/7. The certified technicians know cleanup cannot wait, so they arrive quickly to restore your property to its pre-loss condition using their advanced equipment and restoration methods.

How Flooding Damages Building Materials in Two Bridges Commercial Properties

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged drywall Water damages building materials, and those materials will likely need replacing.

Common Issues with Building Materials After Commercial Flood Damage in Two Bridges Properties

The cleanup of commercial flood damage is never a one-size-fits-all project. Things that make the structure unique, also make the mitigation process individualized. 

The parts of properties that traditionally receive commercial flood damage in Two Bridges are flooring and building materials in. SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site to save property owners from the replacement cost for both contents and structure with their advanced restoration methods.  


Of all the types of insulation, only fiberglass insulation has the potential for cleaning and reinstallation. However, when the water intrusion is floodwater, the insulation does not have the potential for a return to sanitary levels for reuse. The technicians collect and bag wet insulation for disposal.  

Wet Sheetrock

Sheetrock has a very narrow window of recovery after exposure to water. It wicks moisture, and once it warps, buckles or sags, it requires removal as it has no restoration potential. When removing sheetrock, the techs measure above the highest level moisture has gone within the core and cut several inches above that waterline. Known as a "flood cut," this action halts any further damage and opens up the interior wall cavity for extraction and drying.  

Floorcovering Challenges

Floodwater most often affects the flooring of a commercial property. Different types of floorcoverings react in various ways to exposure to water. Glue-down carpet and tile tend to fare the worst and delaminates. Depending on the construction materials, particularly of tile, it may have the potential for reinstallation after cleaning. Vinyl laminate and other engineered and composite boards fall apart after prolonged exposure to water and are usually a loss.  

Hardwood flooring may buckle or crown, but that is due to the wood absorbing water. On a case by case basis, the boards can dry in place or get removed for drying and reinstallation. The technicians rely on specialized drying equipment such as drying mats to accomplish this level of restorative treatment. 

SERVPRO of Lower East Side / Downtown Manhattan (332) 900-2337 cleans up and restores properties with commercial flood damage with their advanced equipment and methods to make the loss, "Like it never even happened." 

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We Help Keep Your Business Running After A Disaster

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

In the hospitality world, damage to your property means downtime and immediate loss of revenue. Depending upon the severity of the damage and the type of business, losing space in your hotel, motel, or other hospitality business has many repercussions. Your restoration requires a dedicated team of professional restoration technicians versed in restoring these types of losses. Our team is trained and well prepared to quickly and efficiently provide restoration and construction services guiding you through this important project from beginning to end. Upon receiving your call we immediately send out a project manager and restoration techs to begin processes that will limit the damage. We provide up-front, transparent quotes and pricing. Also, we have worked with almost every major insurance provider so we can relieve your concerns and provide complete project management services.

Do you have a large construction project in NYC?

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

A major construction project in a large city. Cranes dot the skyline during major commercial construction.

When contemplating the right time to renovate and restore a building in NYC there are several factors that go into the decision-making process. There are many different contractors and sub-contractors that need to be hired and trusted to do their job in a timely fashion, concern for the state of the building and its tenants during construction amongst other factors. SERVPRO is an area leader in Commercial Building Renovations in NYC, we can manage all phases of your construction project and provide complete transparency throughout the process. Our experienced restoration managers are able to diagnose and quote the renovation contract with accuracy ensuring there are few surprises once construction is underway.  We provide a professional and clean-working crew that will provide quality work with as little disturbance to the rest of the property as possible. Contact our office today to discuss your next major renovation, we have the solution you need!

Sewage Cleanup, We can help, fast!

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

When your building has an issue with sewage, we got your back when you need it most. Our 24/7 local support is a huge advantage over the competition. In the event of a sewage backup, you can be sure that experienced techs will arrive in a timely fashion and will immediately begin the restoration process. SERVPRO of Lower East Side/Downtown Manhattan offers complete repair and sewage cleanup services. After we diagnose and restore the area we will then offer a complete analysis of the issue. Many times our plumbing & construction capabilities allow us to completely remedy the problem at the fraction of the cost of having to call an additional contractor. 

If your building has issues with sewage and requires sewage cleanup services, call us today and we can try to help prevent your next disaster!