What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was fast and knowledgeable about their service. I felt very comfortable with the technicians in my house. They were explaining all the equipment and what they were used for. When they were done, my kitchen sink was better than ever before.

My wife called me from home after the tree limb fell on the roof our newly purchased home. Thankfully, I remember my neighbor had help from SERVPRO. You folks helped us real fast. Thanks a lot.

I am impressed with the professional manner that your SERVPRO team cleaned and applied disinfectant our breakroom in my small law office. Right on time as promised, I plan to recommend your outfit to the better business bureau.

I caught fire in my garage from a space heater. I charred my entire garage and the smell was too strong. All I know the products you used worked wonders and was very sensitive to my senses. Not overpowering at all. Thank you for your tremendous work.

My husband overloaded the blender and caused the outlet to catch fire. He was in the doghouse until you finished the damage he caused. Thank you SERVPRO.

My shower sprung a leak and messed up the drywall in the bathroom. SERVPRO was fast and did a very good job on the drywall. Thanks again. I’ll make sure to let my friends know.

Round of applause to your team for rescuing my breakfast shop from a complete disaster after that grill fire. You got rid of the smell and we were cooking again in the morning. Thank you for working through the night to help out our small business.

Wow, my basement looked like a dirty swimming pool. Your SERVPRO team came out real fast and pumped out the water, thank you for your fast help, what a relief.

I stepped into my office only to discover standing water from a leak in the kitchenette. I hurried and called SERVPRO and as fast as you said you were here. You had the job done with no disturbance to my clients.

When my washing machine broke and was leaking very bad. My neighbor said call SERVPRO. And they fixed my problem. They did a great job. I’m very satisfied with the outcome.

When I saw your SERVPRO team show up in hours after the flood in my house, I was very grateful, that is for sure.

Our neighbor had the idea to use the sink as a water hose connect. It destroyed the water line and made a pool in my house. SERVPRO had the issue fixed in no time. Thanks. -Ruth

My niece came by for a visit, and she knocked over the space heater and caused a fire. SERVPRO was there to fix the fire damage in my guest room.

The high winds and gusts destroyed my house with water all in my rooms. Water got into my carpet, cabinets and stairs. I never thought my home could be reestablished. I’m glad to say SERVPRO stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

Thanks for cleaning my mess my kids decided to make when they destroyed the tub. It was done in a manner I couldn’t have thought possible. “A-1” service.

Thank you for cleaning our building after boiler puff-back. Not sure what we would have done without you!

Thanks for the fast response. It's good to know we have a direct contact when disaster repair is needed.

One call to SERVPRO and I was at ease. Thank you!

Thanks for your professional and efficient approach to restoration, you made our building restoration project so much easier.

Our property restoration project would have been a nightmare without your management and your hard-working team. Thank you!

Thanks for coming out on a Sunday! I was surprised when a local agent answered my call and a project manager arrived later that same morning.

Thanks for the timely response and quick work. All the best!

We called at 1AM and you arrived at our building before 2AM, by 6AM we had an entire crew on-site and cleanup was underway. Great work!

SERVPRO technicians were polite and professional, this was especially important as our business was open as usual. Thank you!

Thanks, SERVPRO! We recently had a water leak in our New York City office and your team was on the job within an hour of our call! All the best from our team to yours!

I called SERVPRO of LES Manhattan because they helped me at my New York apartment and mentioned they are also located in Rhode Island so they always have trucks moving back and forth in Connecticut. Sure enough when a pipe burst in or Stamford, CT home they were able to come by shortly after our call to help us out, thanks guys!

Thanks for cleaning up the puff back smoke that covered our apartment and belongings after a fire in our building. SERVPRO even cleaned our curtains! Thank you!

Thanks for cleaning up the puff back smoke that covered our apartment and belongings after a fire in our building. SERVPRO even cleaned our curtains! Thank you!

Thanks SERVPRO! Going through this property damage was a lot less painful because of you!

Thanks to Sean & SERVPRO for your timely response and your fast action after our furnace fire. You were able to get us back up and running so much faster because of your 24-hour response.