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Who Does a Homeowner Call for the Quickest Flood Damage Restoration Services in New York City?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room with floating items Flood damage in your home can be hard to deal with if you don’t know where to start. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for assistance in the remediation process.

Restore Your New York City Home Efficiently After Flooding by Calling a Specialized Team

A change in the weather can leave a disastrous situation in its wake. If water levels rise or the structure of your New York City home suddenly deteriorates due to heavy rains, you may find yourself in need of a water restoration team to help you address the damage. As soon as your home is open to floodwater, you are susceptible to the bacteria and debris that come with it. Eliminating all traces of outside contaminants quickly is essential to your home's integrity and your health.

In New York City, flood damage can be challenging to address, but our SERVPRO team is here to help you in your time of need. Our expert crew trains in the classroom and on the field to handle the most challenging situations in all types of structures, including buildings and single-family homes. In a city where the pace is quick, our team reacts swiftly as soon as you call our 24/7 hotline.

What should a Homeowner look for in a flood restoration team?

At the core of any successful restoration process are water extraction and drying of your home. Our SERVPRO team brings a variety of equipment suitable to handle excess moisture of all sizes into your home. In extreme situations, we may resort to a truck-mounted pump to remove large volumes of water, but we can address smaller water accumulations with other tools such as:

  • Handheld wand extractors to access hard-to-reach corners
  • Injectidry technology to evaporate water hiding behind wall cavities
  • Drying mats to address subfloors and protects

The flood restoration process hinges on eliminating excess humidity, which is why dehumidifiers play an essential role. Depending on the moisture in the overall environment, our team may choose to use a desiccant dehumidifier if it can help bring dry air into your home to normalize its conditions. Regardless of your specific needs, our crew has access to a wide selection of techniques to help get your home to its original condition.

SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is your partner when disaster strikes. Call us at (917) 423-6364 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

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Why Do I Need Professional Cleaning After a Minor Fire in My Lower East Side Apartment Kitchen?

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

house fire Turn to SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan for effective and efficient cleanup of fire damage, even if it seems minor -- you will be glad you did.

Smoke and Soot Residues Are Unlike Ordinary Household Soiling -- Let the Experts from SERVPRO Do a Proper Cleanup of Fire Damage on the Lower East Side to Prevent Lingering Coating, Staining, and Odors

The residues from an apartment fire are not like everyday dirt and grime. Instead of being tracked in from the outside, the result of spills, or settled dust that floats, fire residues result from the combustion of building materials and contents inside your Lower East Side apartment. One prevalent source of fire damage in a home is the protein-based coating from food and grease fires. The nearly transparent residue from a kitchen fire tenaciously adheres to surfaces, almost like a varnish. It represents the dehydrated remains of food and oils and is incredibly malodorous and hard to remove.

If I Cannot See the Fire Damage Residue, Do I Need to Clean It?
Fire damage in a Lower East Side Apartment is the disaster that just keeps giving -- giving trouble, that is. We all relate to the sensation of walking past neighbors’ doorways and noticing a cooking smell that does not dissipate. Even without an actual fire, food odors work their way into porous materials if not vented or managed. When you add the increased temperatures of a fire burning on a stovetop with oils and proteins heating above their smoking point, your space fills with the rancid compounds into which these ingredients break down. The transparency of the residues is irrelevant, and you need professional help to remove them.

How Are Protein-Based Residues Removed?
SERVPRO crews discern the types of soot and their cleaning solutions based on the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training they master. Protein-based soots respond to:

    •    Oil-based solvents
    •    Skillful use of agitation
    •    Use of abrasives, with both agitation and abrasive use and intensity increased carefully by certified technicians to ensure the affected surface can endure the cleaning
    •    The choice of thermal fogging or hydroxyl generation for malodor elimination the odor-bearing molecules require a chemical modification to lose the stench

Turn to SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan for effective and efficient cleanup of fire damage, even if it seems minor -- you will be glad you did. Call (917) 423-6364 to schedule an evaluation.

How do New Yorkers Handle Emergency Home and Business Restoration?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in front of boarded up store Does your home or business need emergency restoration? We are always on call.

SERVPRO is the Trusted Choice to Restore Your Fire, Flood, and Water Damaged Home and Business

In the city that never sleeps, you need restoration services that never take time off, either. Our SERVPRO professionals have been proudly serving the Lower East Side and all of the NYC boroughs for years. We have supported hundreds of property owners and business owners to restore their structures after the worst that nature had to offer. From burst pipes during cold snaps to fire restoration and recovery in the sweltering summer heat, you can count on our fast and confident response. 

Fire Damage Restoration  

Fires can be an overwhelming situation, especially when you do not have the time to remove your treasured belongings and possessions from your Lower East Side home. Our SERVPRO team works to provide real-time content management for these items beginning as soon as our professionals arrive for emergency services. Our technicians can immediately start with debris removal and assessing individual contents in the affected areas of the residence. 

Cleaning occurs in some capacity through every stage of restoration and recovery of your Lower East Side property after a fire. One of the most cost-effective approaches that our team has started is on and off-site cleaning for damaged contents. From your furniture to your clothing, your house items can all get affected in different ways by immediate fire loss effects. While we strive to provide on-site cleaning when possible, we also have more intricate and focused cleaning and deodorization available through the pack-out process. This procedure moves damaged contents to our nearby SERVPRO facility for attention and cleaning. 

It is always a priority to save time and money on fire restoration, which makes fire damage mitigation such a vital component of the recovery phase. We have practical and advanced approaches for nearly every obstacle that exists after extinguishing a fire, including foul odors, soot residues, smoke particulates, air quality concerns, and water damage that can exist in your Lower East Side property. 

Storm Damage Restoration 

While fires can be a notoriously destructive disaster, mother nature has also substantially damaged the Lower East Side in even recent years. Storms carry considerable power coming off the Atlantic towards the city. Many of the aging buildings here can suffer structural damages from high winds, hail, heavy snowfall, and torrential rains. Our response to these emergencies is critical, and that begins with both our mitigation technicians and in-house contractors to begin board-up and tarping where necessary. 

Structural breaches are entry points for migrating water, runoff, and wind-driven rain. Understanding where water has gone once it enters your Lower East Side property can make drying and extraction more efficient and effective. This inspection of the property begins with sophisticated moisture detection tools like surface meters and thermography to identify dampness pockets and their severity. Once this happens, we can deploy extraction and drying tools to manage the water damage and flooding concerns quickly. 

As you might expect, getting a home or business back to preloss condition after a destructive storm like a recent hurricane, involves a need for reconstruction. Roof repairs, siding replacement, full-scale build back, and more are all consistent offerings from our in-house licensed contractors. With years in the building trades and helping many other Lower East Side properties, we can help to get your domicile back to normal just as efficiently. 

Commercial Services 

As part of a Large Loss Recovery Team, we can offer real-time restoration solutions amid disasters for Lower East Side commercial properties and businesses. Disasters like water and fire damage can be devastating to your business. However, with a team capable of restoring thousands of square feet of the structure simultaneously, we can get you back in business as fast as possible. 

Cleaning up your structure does not always have to follow after a disaster, however. Many Lower East Side businesses can benefit from the same premium cleaning practices we would use in post-disaster restoration for aesthetic improvements to their facility. With sophisticated equipment and trained professionals, we can offer services such as: 

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Surface cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Odor removal
  • Vandalism cleaning 

Premier cleaning is not something that you Lower East Side business needs every day. So we can work with you to develop a regular schedule of cleaning around your operating hours so that we do not hamper day to day operations. We can also schedule a one-time cleaning on a case-by-case situation where conditions exceed your custodians and maintenance team's abilities and equipment. 

Water Damage Restoration 

With water losses being such a standard callout for our team, we stay prepared to help Lower East Side properties with whatever loss situation their home or business faces. There are dozens of reasons that your home could suffer a water emergency, from a destructive pipe burst to a more persistent leak behind a dishwasher. However, your residence combats the presence of moisture and water where it should not be, and our SERVPRO professionals can help with confident restoration services that address both the cause and effect of water losses. 

Extraction and drying are still the staples of water restoration in the Lower East Side, and as such, offer the most diversity in available equipment and practices. We have hundreds of air movers of different types and styles. We also have multiple extractor units from wet vacuums to electric submersible pumps. These units, including advanced dehumidifiers, address relative humidity when evaporative drying begins. This blend of drying and moisture removal can help many Lower East Side homes to protect exposed materials and contents. 

With a licensed team of in-house contractors, we have more versatility in our recovery approaches after a water loss. With a fast transition to reconstruction and post-disaster cleaning after mitigation, our SERVPRO professionals Lower East Side can make choices based on what is most cost-effective and efficient for our customers. 

We strive to provide fast and confident services for any loss incident or emergency you're your home or business faces. No matter how our SERVPRO of Lower East Side / Downtown Manhattan team can help, no matter where you are in New York City, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can show you. Give us a call anytime at (917) 423-6364.

Can SERVPRO Fully Restore My Fire Damaged Home?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

smoke filling a home Even a small fire causes a lot of smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO knows how to remediate the damage and restore your home.

Call SERVPRO for Professional Restoration of Your New York City Residence

No agency can eliminate every trace of fire damage. Still, in New York City, fire restoration by SERVPRO is done in a professional, thorough manner that leaves your residence in a clean, odor-free environment safe to live in once again. 

Where Do the Technicians Begin? 

Since most fire damage in New York City is from the residue smoke particles leave behind, our team members start with a set of cleaning principles designed to remove them as quickly as possible. 

  • Locate Residues – The team leader starts at the fire’s origin and determines where the smoke left residues throughout the residence.
  • Identify Residues – The various substances that burned leave multiple types of residues. Team members select the cleaning agents and methods that are most effective in removing them.
  • Identify Surfaces – The team leader should also be sure that the agents and methods they use are appropriate for the surface to be cleaned. For example, if a surface is already water-damaged, a technician may only be able to brush off any residues.
  • Capture & Remove Residues – If the residues are sticky or very thick, technicians may have to use a cleaning agent to break them up for removal by hand with a brush or with a vacuum.
  • Dispose of the Residues – Team members carefully contain and dispose of the residues and any waste they generate when cleaning the residence. 

What About My Neighbors; Will Your Actions Affect Them? 

SERVPRO technicians work hard to keep the amount of noise from our efforts to a minimum. We also take exceptional care not to spread any debris or soot particles during removal. Our teams understand that your neighbors, especially if they were not affected by the fire, do not want to deal with the restoration. 

To learn more about what SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan can do for your home, call us at (917) 423-6364 today. 

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How Does Smoke Damage Impact the Contents of My Business?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Fifty dollar bill burning on both ends Does your business have smoke and soot damage? Call SERVPRO to quickly restore your business.

Fire Damage Leaves Smoke and Soot Inside Your Lower East Side Business – Call SERVPRO for Prompt Restoration! 

A fire of any size can ravage your business space and leave irreversible damage. Flames move quickly from one item to the next, leave a mass of devastation throughout your business in the Lower East Side. The heat coming from these flames radiate, often causing the items around them to warp, crack, shatter, or melt. Once the fire is out, what is left is smoke damage that can start to corrode surfaces without proper restoration efforts, which is where the team at SERVPRO is available to assist with your fire and smoke damage needs. 

How Does Smoke Impact My Business? 

With fire damage in the Lower East Side, your business's contents can take on the soot and smoke particles in the air, and those landed on surfaces. The temperature and the type of fire that took place plays a role in how the smoke impacts the interior. Soot and smoke make its way into crevices and cracks, and the smell can linger for months without the right methods and restoration products. 

When you call us at SERVPRO after the fire's flames get fully extinguished, we send a team out to begin the assessment. After the first responders give us the approval to enter the building, we determine the project's scope and the best way to proceed. We can help with: 

  • Emergency board-up services
  • Removal of water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire
  • Controlled demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Thermal deodorization
  • Complete cleanup and sanitization of all surfaces, and more 

We can also help by removing and securing any contents to be cleaned off-site at our nearby facility. Everything gets carefully logged to have a detailed inventory of any items packed up and moved out. 

SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is quick to respond when you need help with fire damage in your place of business. Call (917) 423-6364 to have a crew deployed to your location to start restoration! 

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What is a Building Envelope and How Does It Affect Drying My Lower East Side Home?

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

interior of the house flooded with water Our experienced SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan team can help with a thorough inspection and the appropriate actions to overcome potential hurdle

Water loss incidents in your Lower East Side home can be destructive without practical strategies for thorough drying.

Many factors can affect how easily your Lower East Side home could get dried after a water loss incident. There is a balance of several elements that work together to efficiently create the appropriate conditions for evaporative drying. When any of these factors fall short, it can compromise the time and cost of restoration.

The more that our technicians understand various affected materials and other factors of water damage in Lower East Side homes, the more efficient and thorough drying and extraction practices can be. Our knowledge of the affected areas in your residence helps us to comprise a quality drying plan that protects the majority of impacted materials and contents. Each structure presents unique obstacles for restores like our SERVPRO team, so we must work quickly to determine the type of drying scenario that exists, the most efficient tools to use, and any potential hurdles that could make drying more challenging.

What is a Building Envelope?

The building envelope is a network of structural elements designed to separate the inside of your house from outside threats like water penetration or higher humidity conditions. Some have begun to refer to these structural boundaries as the energy efficiency of the home. These factors often influence how effectively homeowners can cool or heat their properties when necessary. The building envelope can have a direct impact on how efficiently our technicians can drive the property as well. To determine the obstacles that might exist, we must better understand the various components of this envelope, including:

    •    Roof
    •    Exterior Walls
    •    Windows
    •    Ceilings
    •    Finished Flooring
    •    Foundations

How Can This Impact Drying?

The slightest change and the envelope of your house can impact how drying works. The continued understanding of developing conditions can allow our team to consistently provide the appropriate arrangement of drying tools and technologies to meet the growing demand. Multiple factors play a role in how these conditions might change as drying, extraction, and other mitigation tasks continue. These include:

    •    Breaches
    •    Openings
    •    Unknown Compromised Materials

The saturation of materials in areas like wall and ceiling systems can impact how efficient drying tools can be and modify the building's envelope. Instead of reducing the impact of outside elements, other factors designed to encase the damaged area can hinder evaporative drying and restoration progress.

What Are Ideal Drying Conditions?

Depending on when your home was built, the building envelope might vary substantially. Before 1990, the efficiency of energy and HVAC systems was a lower concern than it is now. Older homes tend to have more natural ventilation and airflow into the property, which can directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of drying approaches. High moisture content and humidity concerns outside of the home can also affect how readily the structure can dry by modifying interior moisture levels during restoration. Each home and property are unique in this regard, yet often most structures can fall within three primary classifications:

    •    Tight Envelope – These are the ideal drying conditions for our SERVPRO restorers, as we can manage drying conditions without several extra steps to control the influence of outside factors.
    •    Moderate Envelope – With moderate conditions, external factors can impact the property somewhat. We must adjust drying and recovery tactics to overcome these influences.
    •    Loose Envelope – Older homes can allow for outside elements and conditions to have a direct and considerable impact on drying efforts in the property.

Are There Ongoing Concerns with Loose Building Envelopes?

Loose building envelopes present a substantial obstacle for our restoration team to overcome, but it can also impact your daily life as the property owner. Improper ventilation or significant airflow and penetration into the house can negate modern heating and cooling appliances' efficiencies. Additionally, humid conditions outside can quickly become higher moisture content inside the structure. With prolonged exposure, the conditions could get met for the development and spread of microbial threats. It is worth considering your options, especially considering that we have an in-house team of certified contractors capable of helping with remodeling and renovations as necessary.

Several obstacles can exist with any home drying venture, and often, your home itself is one of them. The construction of a property can impact the efficiency of drying. Our experienced SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan team can help with a thorough inspection and the appropriate actions to overcome potential hurdles. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (917) 423-6364.

A Pipe Broke at the Store Next Door--Who Can Help Me Bail Out My New York City Gift Shop?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO banner hanging from commercial building Commercial Water Extraction in Large NYC Buildings Require Expert Technicians and Equipment--Try SERVPRO

SERVPRO Technicians Are Experienced Commercial Water Detectives, Ready to Find and Arrange for Water Removal Regardless of the Source in New York City

No matter how diligent you are to maintain your retail property in New York City, the proximity of other buildings and units within the same building, unfortunately, can cause your neighbor’s watery misfortune to affect your shop. In a particularly cruel twist, your store might be hit harder with water damage than the space featuring the leaky pipe or malfunctioning appliance depending on where the water flows.

How Can Water Meanderings Be Traced?

Commercial water removal in New York City is made more straightforward when trained technicians employ sensitive tools to locate the water. Finding wet building materials or fixtures in your shop can shock if the “event” that caused the flow was elsewhere. Our technicians trained to use the following devices to outline the extent of the damage and identify building cavities or other spaces where the water collected and needs removal:

  • Moisture detectors -- pronged or flat-faced, used to find wet areas.
  • Moisture meters -- must be appropriately calibrated for the materials tested. Some are “penetrating” and use probes to evaluate moisture levels among several layers. In contrast, non-penetrating meters use sensors that seek to determine how “conductive” materials are (can be a sign of moisture or a false positive when metal interferes).
  • Thermal imaging -- temperature fluctuations interpreted by a trained technician can signal trapped expanses of water.
  • Thermo-hygrometers -- measure temperature and relative humidity, particularly useful during the drying phase.
  • Boroscopes--allow our SERVPRO team to peer inside cavities and nooks and crannies

After Water Migrates, How Does It Make Its Exit?

SERVPRO crews arrive at your door with water removal and drying equipment stocked in our service vehicles. We position pumps for water deeper than two inches and use truck-mounted extractors for the bulk of the remaining water. Portable extractors help in confined spaces and, with the use of extenders and sometimes strategically placed holes or drywall removal, can suction the water lingering in cavities. Air movers and dehumidifiers team together to dry out wet materials.

You need fast water removal and comprehensive structural drying when your business is swimming in unexpected fluids. SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is ready to accomplish both for you with one call to (917) 423-6364.

What Easily Overlooked Factor Can Affect Water Removal from Lower East Side Properties?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

Water Splash Please know how hazardous a water damage can be to you and your Lower East Side home.

SERVPRO Has Highly Trained Technicians Who Can Anticipate Problems That Might Interfere with Renovation of Water Damage

People have varying experiences when performing water restoration. Although the specifics of an incident play a significant role in determining the outcome, sometimes oversight of minor issues such as moisture movement can influence the experience negatively.  When SERVPRO responds to an incident at your Lower East Side home, one of our responsibilities is to ensure there are no oversights.

What makes moisture movement hard to notice?

Moisture movement can complicate water removal from your Lower East Side home by necessitating sophisticated removal procedures or demolition to reach hidden areas. Such steps lead to higher costs or lengtheir restoration periods.  The four main methods of moisture movement are:

  • Liquid flow
  • Capillary suction
  • Air movement
  • Vapor diffusion

Apart from liquid flow, which you can readily see, the other processes are hard to notice without the use of advanced techniques or tools. As the moisture moves, it transfers damage from the areas initially affected. It also causes further deterioration of materials.

What can stop moisture movement once water spills?

Although understanding that moisture movement is happening is useful, stopping the process is not that easy. Our SERVPRO technicians help by using several approaches, including:

  • Expediting water extraction to limit the liquid flow
  • Running dehumidifiers to manage humidity, limiting moisture spread through air movement
  • Making flood cuts or removing wet materials to curb capillary suction

We have different types of water removal equipment, which ease removal under different circumstances. For instance, submersible pumps are perfect when the water pools deeper than 2 inches, while portable units help ease access to different sections of the property.

Taking these steps earlier helps minimize secondary damage caused by moisture migration. You can end up reducing costs involve or improve the turnaround time of the entire renovation task.

Water removal can run more smoothly with an experienced and well-equipped team at your side. Call SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan at (917) 423-6364 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Can I Dry My New York City Business Out After Flooding?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

fully stocked isles in a grocery store Don’t force your customers to find a new convenience store. Contact team SERVPRO when facing flooding.

SERVPRO is ready to come to your New York City commercial property and give you the support you need to reopen as quickly as possible

Seeing your New York City business for the first time after flood water entered can feel overwhelming for what to do first. Even though in many cases the water itself recedes within a short time, the smell, the soaked contents, and other issues need fast action. That is why it is crucial to engage professional mitigation services as soon as possible so you can limit loss to the property and contents and reopen for business and get life back to normal.

What Should I Do First in My Business Property After Commercial Flood Damage? 

If commercial flood damage occurred within your New York City business property, the first thing you should do is ensure safety for all and avoid contact with the water. Until SERVPRO techs arrive on-site and test the water, so you know if any harmful bacteria or pathogenic elements are present. Helpful actions before their arrival include: 

  • Have the power to the property turned off if there is any danger of the water coming into contact with outlets on the floor  
  • If it is safe to do so, remove relevant documents 
  • If you have equipment that needs removal, notify the crew chief after the technicians arrive
  • Close off entrances to the loss area

Fast Extraction Tactics Get Your Business Reopened As Fast As Possible

SERVPRO technicians arrive wearing protective gear, including respirators, as the aspiration of water vapor containing contaminants has the potential to be injurious. The techs test any remaining water on-site to determine any harmful elements and scope the property to ascertain all areas of water loss in New York City. The extraction equipment chosen depends on the size of the space they are performing water removal within. For example, portable pumps are ideal for small spaces. When large amounts of debris are also present in the water, truck-mounted pumps pull out thousands of gallons of water in a short time. Frequently, the techs use portable pumps afterward to ensure the maximum amount of water gets removed to lessen the time needed to dry the structure. 

What Makes Flood Water So Different the Water From a Broken Pipe?

Initially, the water that invaded your commercial property may not look or smell harmful, and it picked up everything along the way before it entered your space. It has the potential to contain a myriad of unhealthy elements. This is why coming into contact with it should be avoided unless you have protective clothing, including goggles and respirators with HEPA filtration as some harmful bacteria and pathogens can enter the body via aspiration or mucous membranes.    

Other hazards within flood water are:  

Debris such as sharp rocks, nails, and glass

The danger of shock from standing water within the property

  • Chemicals
  • Toxins  
  • Sewage  

SERVPRO techs run air scrubbers to improve air quality during the mitigation. These machines have a network of HEPA filtration that captures airborne molecules and traps them, improving air quality. 

You Need Professional Drying Equipment for the Best Outcome   

SERVPRO technicians do not rely on large industrial fans to do the drying job. Instead, they deploy multiple air movers along with dehumidifiers. Because of the connection to a national brand, they have the power to bring in as much equipment as needed to dry the entire property at once instead of in stages, which can result in additional loss. 

Professional Odor Control Applications and Sanitizing are a Must After a Commercial Water Loss

The aftermath of a clean water spill within a property has a very recognizable musty odor. Floodwater tends to stink outright, particularly so if sewage was part of the issue. Because of this, more intense methods may get used to ensure that the property is odor-free before any repairs occur to get the business ready to reopen.

Proactive Ways to Limit Commercial Water Loss in the Future

Once you have been through a flood water cleanup, it gives you a good idea of vulnerable areas on your property that need improvement. Your insurance adjuster can work with you to provide you with a monthly inspection list to cover common reasons for flood loss, such as checking the grade of your property to ensure rainwater flows away from the building along with installation or repair to the gutter systems. Looking for signs of interior leakage such as water spots or mold growth can catch a problem early on before it becomes a significant one. The installation of an environmental monitoring system detects both fire and increases in moisture in the air. It can alert you to a water loss situation such as a flash flood or a pipe break during off-hours or weekends.

SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan at (332) 900-2337 brings the equipment and expertise to handle any size commercial flood damage to your property. The certified techs are available 24/7 and arrive quickly to clean up the loss, protect contents, and restore your property and get you back in business as soon as possible.

Why SERVPRO After a Brief Fire in My Kitchen?

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen Did you have a fire in the kitchen? Do you know who to call? Call SERVPRO the professionals for all of your fire damage and restoration needs.

Fire Restoration Is a Science, and SERVPRO Makes Sure Our Technicians Master the Class Before Sending Them to Help in Your New York Apartment

Closed in spaces like the apartments and condos of New York are hard to air out, and do not offer multiple living spaces if lingering odors or other fire damage residues are problematic. Because your space is compact, you were able to subdue a grease fire quickly. Still, without sophisticated professional air scrubbing equipment and other proven containment strategies, it is impossible to keep the airborne residues created during the superheating of grease and food from spreading throughout every space in your home.

Why Bring in a Professional Cleanup Crew? Can’t I Just Research the Best Cleanup Approach Online?

When dealing with fire restoration in a New York apartment or other multiple-household residences, it is understandable that you might want to avoid the disruption of recovery experts. The reality is that you acquire two significant problems when you try a DIY approach: 

  • Adequate response time is limited to hours because of the relentless and corrosive nature of the protein-based soot from the grease fire.
  • The residues and odors might not find the walls of your unit much of an impediment, moving into common areas and adjacent units over time.

Why Is SERVPRO the Answer?

Our crews have experience eliminating smoke and soot residues and odors in confined spaces. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training is the industry standard, and our state-of-the-art products, tools, and equipment are the precise match required for the challenges of kitchen fire damage restoration.

Call (917) 423-6364 to reach our highly-qualified team when you cope with the aftermath of an apartment fire. Familiarity with the research that informs best practices is why SERVPRO of Lower East Side Manhattan is the obvious choice.